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Take your income under control

Track dividends from multiple brokers with automatic transaction import and user-friendly interface for never missing a payment

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Easily design and optimize your dividend portfolio with our advanced tools, including a dividend projection calculator, sector breakdown feature, and the option to set custom categories and allocations for your assets

Discover hidden opportunities

Our in-depth analytics provide a comprehensive view of your dividend income, that can help you optimize your investment strategy and maximize your returns

Know your income

The Dividend Calendar helps to track the dates of dividend payouts, compare current and planned earnings and predict income for the year ahead

Maximize dividend returns

Combining real-time tracking, data-driven insights, and historical data, our platform gives you a complete view of your dividend income and makes it easy to optimize your investment strategy

Avoid risk of dividend cuts

Dividend Rating, based on 13 fundamental indicators of the company, assesses the financial condition of the company and helps you create a safer source of passive income

Build a winning data-driven strategy

Play with your portfolio - test changes on historical data or swap assets and calculate dividend income and dividend yield, check diversification and metrics to get insights

Track thousands of dividend stocks
and funds from all over the world

You can track nearly any dividend stock, ETF or Mutual Fund on the planet. We support all major stock exchanges

Add your holdings in multiple currencies - USD, CAD, SAR, ... and view dividend data in your native currency

We support automatic import of dividends from over 1,000 brokers from US, Europe, UK, Asia, ...

1,000+ brokers

100+ exchanges

25+ currencies

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